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  • individual
  • innovative
  • international

The above features characterize the business philosophy of DIEM & PARTNER.
INTERNATIONALITY is not a matter of course in a law firm of our size. However, we strongly believe that in today's global economy, international orientation offers significant advantages to clients. Especially when cross-border expertise combines with the person of a definite contact. We offer you contacts for France, Turkey and North Africa. 

Innovation has always been a distinguishing feature of our chancery. Have a look at the "guest access" of our protected client area accessible on a high-level security server. The utility for an efficient mandate relationship between your company and Diem & Partner in an increasingly technology dominated world suggests itself immediately. 

 means for Diem & Partner a client-centred approach based upon our knowledge that each mandate contains its own unique characteristics. Therefore we do not offer a ready-made strategy. As a supplier of high-quality services our lawyers are trusted persons who put their activity only in the service of the cause. They are accessible, adjustable, independent, knowledgeable and will treat your matter with the utmost confidentiality. According to these demands we want to be judged by you.   
  • Frank E.R. Diem, senior partner with “Diem & Partner Rechtsanwälte” was chosen as one of Germany’s best lawyers for 2014 [more]